Why should small businesses utilize video content?

  • People can truly experience the business instead of just reading about – they see it in action
  • Video provides a supply of content that can be repurposed and used over and over – it is not just used once for a limited time.
  • Video is very cost effective!   Businesses receive a tremendous return on the investment of creating video content since the video can be used for so long and the footage can be repurposed
  • Creating a video provides content that can be shared in so many ways: social media, website, e-newsletter…anywhere.
  • Videos can be shared beyond the businesses’ own audience: once a video is posted on social media, that post can be shared, and then shared again to a wider audience!
  • Small businesses are able to accurately tell their story in their own words through video

I LOVE small businesses!  I am a small business!

Small businesses have personality.  Small businesses are built on a dream.  And small businesses always have a unique story that I love to tell!

I truly enjoy hearing why someone wanted to go into business in the first place; or how the business was first started by a parent or grandparent; or maybe how this business is someone’s “second act” and a fresh start in life!  Whatever the story, I am thrilled to hear it and be trusted to share it with others.

Small businesses are essential to a successful economy and vibrant community.  We are passionate about helping small businesses succeed…and when we help them create videos that tell their stories, we are doing just that.


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