Documentaries are typically longer pieces that allow you to share the many details of your story that often have to be left out of a short promotional video.  The story develops through first-hand accounts or expert knowledge and tends to address one important message.  We have produced historical documentaries, as well as ones that discuss key public issues.

Marketing and Promotional

These types of videos are what you would typically see on an organization’s website or social media.  They are usually 2-minutes or less because their objective is to share enough information to make the viewer intrigued, wanting to contact you to hear the rest of the story’s details.

Event Coverage/Live Performances

When people gather together there is usually something to celebrate, discuss, or share…and usually that something is worth capturing on video.  We can join you at your event – whether it be a press conference, team meeting, training session, or a musical/artistic performance – to record the performance or presenters and feedback from attendees.  This footage can then be compiled into a recap video or saved for future projects.

Video News Release

With so much information being shared on a daily basis, how can you make sure your big announcement is heard?  We can help you develop a short video clip that can be shared with a press release, so when your announcement is shared by media outlets they will have video to post alongside it.  The end result, more people will pay attention to what you have to say.

Streaming Web Video

Businesses and organizations are becoming more and more global.  You may have offices around the country or even around the world.  We can help you bring everyone together to share the same experience at the same time.  Maybe there is a specific audience you are trying to reach but they can’t be in the same location as you.  We can help you stream the video to wherever they are located, so they can hear your story as if they are sitting in the same room as you.

Independent Films

Sometimes your story is a fictional story…that’s OK, we can help tell that story, too!  We can help you write the script or revise one that is already written.  If the script is completely done, we can work with you to bring the pages to life by shooting and editing the video into a finished movie.


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