Video Description

Easton Hospital is a community hospital focused on engaging community members and leaders to improve the health of the local residents.

The Goal

  • Reach out to the community during National Colorectal Cancer month, encouraging pre-screening and testing
  • Feature the Mayor of Easton who was having his first screening colonoscopy, having avoided it for twelve years past the recommended age for initial screening
  • Share with the community that colonoscopies are not dangerous or painful but rather an extremely important tool for detecting colon cancer

The Approach

  • Create a Golden Pepper video that would capture the mayor at his office the day before the procedure as he begins his preparation, visit the mayor at his home the morning of the procedure following the night of preparation, follow the mayor through his outpatient experience and interview the mayor following the procedure to gain his feedback on the ease of the process
  • Promote the video through a focused digital campaign
  • Create content around the mayor with articles, website development and collateral material

The Results

  • 3,000 unique page visits over the first two weeks of the campaign. Over the course of the month, page visits nearly totaled 5,000
  • Coverage in the local newspaper, both news and editorial content, and a featured piece on the local TV station… the value well outpaced the cost paid media placement
  • Countless mentions during the Mayor’s public appearances


Golden Pepper created a video that balanced the Mayor’s big personality, the seriousness of a screening colonoscopy and the humor inherent in such a test. Paul worked well within the complexity of a modern health care environment, namely protecting patient privacy, both the subject and the other patients in the facility. He also found ways to make last minute edits seamless and hassle-free. Overall, Paul is open to ideas, easy to work with and an all-around nice guy.

Stephen Wilson Vice President of Marketing Easton Hospital

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